Hi, I'm Brian Pfeiffer

Brian Pfeiffer is an entrepreneur in Las Vegas Nevada. He built his first million dollar business by the age of 31, working with business owners to market and to and get customers through the door. He had also put on event in excess of 5000 people.

In 2013 he was moved out to Las Vegas to be part of the infamous MGM Grand’s Hakkasan Opening Team and in charge of the promotions for one of the largest life style and luxury brands in the world.

Since then he has gone on to build and acquire ranking sites for a massive brand in the luxury lifestyle vertical that has produced another 7-figure company.

In 2016 his affiliate marketing company broke 7 figures and he has gone on to do 2 product launches in 2017 with a combined revenue of 500K, teaching many successful students how to affiliate market profitably.

His primary company is on pace for another 7-figure year and his educational company brand Progress College will be put in to motion to provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve in their life and businesses


Brian Pfeiffer


Russel Brunson with Brian at Click Funnels Event

Hi, I’m Brian Pfeiffer

I want to be real with you and write this like is a letter to one of my many friends.

I am 45 years old, I live in Las Vegas, and recently became single, never married, and no kids

I am guessing that is the kind of stuff you are looking for?

So… people hit me up all the time and say man you live in Las Vegas it must be “crazy”

Well actually it’s quite the opposite…

Las Vegas certainly is the world’s adult playground with world class night clubs, day clubs, strip clubs, and 100’s of cool activities…

However, I learned very quickly, when I moved out here from Chicago in February of 2013 that if you want to make it in Vegas the “hustle is real.”

When everyone arrives to town which is just about every Thursday and Friday you have to work and make sure my customers are set up properly for their luxury trips, so...

While everyone is having fun and getting their party on, the local business owners like myself are working.

Yeah don’t get me wrong I pick and choose my battles on night when I want to throw down and party with customers, but there is always price to pay for a long Vegas night.

The majority of my time is spent doing sales during the week in 2017. I hired my first sales manager and now I am able to devote more time to building my businesses and you tube etc. in 2018 and beyond.

Unfortunately, a lot of people want the easy button, but making money online is far from easy. I personally have spent over $200K on courses masterminds and products trying to “get rich quick”. That is far from a scheme or gimmick dropping my entire retirement savings on “gurus” but for the first time in 2017 my companies broke the 7-figure mark... I do have sites that generate leads and products that bring us in revenue 24/7 but that is years of hard work and 1000’s of hours learning. It’s take a lot of work and a team effort to keep it all running. So, if you are not willing to put in the work and put in way more effort than you are expecting then I am likely not your guy.

This is not a get rich quick world and I can’t help you get rich quick.

Matt Trainer with Brian at the 7 Pillars of Wealth Event

I am here to show you advertising and marketing
if you are not looking to spend money advertising
then you will not like my stuff.

I am not here to sell you advertising, here is what I mean…

Internet marketing is a rabbit hole with more information and “shiny objects” then any one person could ever cover in a life time.

There are literally millions of ways to market and run traffic to promote a product or service and “free traffic” gimmicks, hype schemes, and latest “hacks” put out by this guru or that expert.

So does it work?

Well in some cases yeah in the short term. But is it predictable? Are you able to rely on it? If not then you don’t have a business, you may have an income stream in the short term but that is not real business.

You will likely better off meeting me in Vegas and placing a bet at the casino then buying some of the gimmicks out there

Hear me out… Yeah once I find a campaign that is working the money comes in fast and easy.

However, the process to get to that level is far from easy.

When people ask me can you just show me the “easy way” basically you are saying to me you don’t want to “put in the work”

This business is HARD WORK and it a lot of work to maintain

If you haven’t left my site? Well great… we are on the same page.

If you want the
“Easy Way” then I am not going to be able to help you


The Latest tactics and strategies that are working for myself and my media buyers for free and usually I will follow it with an invitation to one of my top-notch courses.

Yeah, I am marketer and yes, we market products, offers, and courses.

The free stuff myself and my team gives is extremely valuable and most of the time if you find the free stuff valuable you will want our paid stuff.

It’s not a complicated formula, and it’s pretty much how to sell online, it really works…

Is my stuff any good and will it work for me?

I don’t know if my stuff will work for you, I don’t know your work ethic, thought process etc...

Join my YouTube and I usually put up 4-7 valuable trainings a week, get to know me.

If you like the value I bring then consider picking up my latest course or jump into my next group coaching.

I started my internet marketing journey 5 years ago and I have owned my own companies since 2002, I have built up a reputation of being real and transparent and I will show in all my business operations.

All my companies have positive reviews and we have many student success stories.

I spend at least half of my week learning, reading, and trying to bring value to my audience.

The rest of the time you will find me taking action growing the businesses, creating content, and of course some pretty heavy gym time.

I have had companies fail and we have lost money on campaigns, failure is part of the road to success.

I take all my failures with a grain of salt and use them to leverage another success.

There is still more for me to learn 7-figures is great, the next stop is 8-figures.

Here is what I will help you with, Specifically

My main focus will be you show you how to use the largest traffic source in the world and purchase traffic to get a return on your investment.

I am a super affiliate and my media buying team is one of the best in the country with white hat offers on Facebook.

We show you exactly what is working now and how you use are methods to build a real business online, if that is not for you can take the skills you will learn to be a media buyer about just about any company in the world.

Every company needs customers and the methods we teach will make you a master on delivering customers to any business.

My Pitch To You:

Go to my Blog home page or my You Tube and see if you like my stuff.

If so, get in to one of my free trainings. If they work for you then consider buying one of my offers.

It’s pretty simple

Thank you for getting to know me, now back to work!

Brian Pfeiffer

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